The Deschutes Public Library Foundation Board of Directors includes dedicated community volunteers, philanthropic leaders, and Library Board members who work together to ensure a world-class library system for Deschutes County.

  • Sarah Wuepper, President

  • Lisa Duggan, Vice President

  • Paula Pyron, Secretary

  • Brian Bergler, Treasurer

  • Todd Dunkelberg, Library Director

  • Georell Bracelin

  • Sarah Haverly

  • Kristin Kovalik

  • Ann Malkin

  • Sarah Monkton

  • Gretchen Schaffer

  • Chantal Strobel, Project Director

  • Suzy Olsen, Development Coordinator


Are you looking for a great opportunity to serve on a community board? The Deschutes Public Library Foundation is looking for new board members. Fill out the "Contact Us" form and we'll get back to you.